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This was the first game I ever finished, I'm uploading it for legacy sake. It was made over about a month~ in 2014. I was the sole programmer and it was made in game maker.

I learned a lot from this, and you'll probably notice it's pretty clunky and doesn't do anything to teach you about the game. The ? button (hotkey R) will help a little, but mostly it needs a manual.

There's no AI, it just supports hotseat play. Each team takes turns moving 3 pieces which can move and take an action. You can shoot, melee, or use a power. There are 4 debuffs (scorch, shock, frost and corrosion), and the hit and armor mechanics are a bit overdesigned.

There was one version after this that had two more map setups and proper credits and a proper splash that tries to explain the game a little, and if I find it I'll replace the EXE.

Oh, and I recommend you mute it through your sound mixer. A friend of mine made music for it, but I think it's a little grating on the ears. Just a heads up.


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