A downloadable Interactive Media for Windows

Lessons Learned:
Gameplay first, systems programming after

I was way too focused on trying to get it to feel nice I ended up not having enough time to put in the proper gameplay. I also started waaaaay later, so there's that.
Has all the RTS staples of minimap stuff. F and the F button follow your selection, you can box select, left click on a mech or press 1 and or 2 to grab them. Right click to move, shift+right click or A+left click to attack move, H holds position and shoots, S stops.

Thank you to Anon for helping me on this and making us cool mechs on such short notice, and thanks to Blizzard for having 20 year old assets in the resolution I needed!

Install instructions

it's a single run EXE, you can figure it out.


MechJam2016.exe 2 MB

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